One of the major aspects of preparing for a burial is to decide what type of burial method to choose. These days there are seemingly many options available, such as traditional burial, water burials, or using a hip Ecopod. If you want to be buried in the traditional manner, you might want to seriously think about the type of vessel to hold your body. Typically, the choice is split between a coffin and a casket. If that’s what you want, here are several tips for choosing a coffin or a casket for your burial in Australia:

Understand the Difference between a Coffin and a Casket

A coffin and a casket are not interchangeable words, even though some people use the words that way. There are mainly aesthetic differences between the two. A coffin has a wide area where the shoulders would be and are tapered off at the head and the feet. This is what gives coffins the distinct coffin shape. A casket, on the other hand, has a rectangular shape. Caskets are also more likely than coffins to use higher-quality wood. Most caskets have a modern look, while coffins tend to look classic, in very general terms. Other than these design differences, there aren’t any other. Prices for coffins and caskets tend to be similar, depending on the type of material used and the workmanship that goes into it. It’s wholly up to you to decide between choosing a coffin and a casket for funerals.

Decide on the Material

The most well-known choice for coffins or caskets is solid wood. Prices often varied on the type of wood used to build the carriage. But there are also non-wood alternatives that buyers can consider. So-called veneer, also called chipboard, caskets and coffins are gaining popularity in Australia. These coffins look just like the wood versions, but are made from low-cost, wood-based material so the overall product is much cheaper. There are also cardboard coffins that cost only a fraction of the amount a wood coffin would cost. Cardboard coffins are typically used for burials while a rental casket or a coffin would be used for display and carrying. Those who prefer a lavish affair can choose a metal coffin or a casket, which are very sturdy as they are expensive. The metals used are typically stainless steel, regular steel, copper, or bronze. There’s also a rise of biodegradable material being used to make caskets, such as wicker, rattan, bamboo, banana leaf, and even wool.

Consider Personalisation Options

Modern coffins or caskets come with options to personalize. You can choose to decorate the coffin with art, colours, or photographs, so the exterior doesn’t look literally wooden. Some people choose to paste stickers, mostly of photographs, on the exterior. It’s also possible to let friends or family sign the coffin or the casket before the final burial. Choosing a different fabric for the interior is also another option. But not all types of coffins and caskets can accommodatepersonalization effects. For example, if the exterior of the casket is varnished or has a nice finish, it might not be possible to facilitate signing or colouring without removing the finish. Therefore, when purchasing a coffin or a casket, consider if you need room to personalize it as well.

Now you know what to consider before choosing the right coffin or casket for your needs.

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