With the world still at the mercy of the global pandemic, a lot of industries have been affected, others even greatly so. The hospitality industry is one of those severely hit since the pandemic urged a national lockdown and everyone was instructed to stay home.

No one is allowed to eat at restaurants, check in at hotels and play at amusements parks. Now that the lockdown has been eased a little bit and a little sense of normalcy has been injected into our daily lives, the hospitality industry is still adjusting since precaution after all, needs to be exercised at all times.

One of these adjustments that the industry is carrying out is implementing a visitor management system that makes it easy to monitor the clients and customers that are visiting the hospitality establishment.


Scheduling is mainly the purpose of a visitor management system because it helps the establishment know when they are at a capacity especially for hotels. Now that the risk of getting infected with COVID-19is still looming, hotels opened up but are only allowed to accept visitors lower than the usual number of guests the hotel could accommodate. A visitor management system that impeccably schedules guests is necessary since it would let the hotel know if proper physical distancing is exercised at the hotel and they have not accepted guests beyond the number allowed.

Screening for health and safety

One of the updates on the visitor management system that hospitality establishments have modernized is screening guests for health and safety. Among the features implemented on the system that is related to the current pandemic is visitor registration app for contact tracing, facial recognition, temperature checks, health questionnaires, travel history, etc. The system was not only updated for the guests but was also amended for staffs such as allocating protective equipment for the employees during their shifts, scheduling to make sure that the establishment could still be manned by enough staff but still physical distancing is enforced.

Secure data

Not all who have contracted the virus are comfortable sharing to everyone they know that they had the virus. This is normal especially since there are those who experienced discrimination when their officemates, friends and even relatives and family found out that they had the virus. Since you would be getting your clients and guests details, it is necessary that they feel secure giving out their contact information to you.

A visitor management system that handles the data securely would have your customers feeling composed. There would also be instances where your guests would only realize they might be carrier of the virus during screening for health and safety in your establishment. They might feel terrified and treated differently but since their data is protected, fellow guests who might have wanted to cause trouble for them would not know of their details.

Handling guests’ appointments, schedules, data and screening have never been more crucial as the present times. A visitor management system that is evolved to incorporate the necessary preventive and precautionary measures to flatten the curve.

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