The brand strategy that you have is your most potent weapon. The main function of this will be to help develop and grow your business by achieving a very specific list of goals. This will basically cumulate to become the cornerstone of your branding and will also help you to establish a meaningful and longstanding relationship with your customers. If your brand advertising strategy is successful you will be able to gain the benefit of your advertising, your marketing and social media channels and your public relations in order to successfully establish the characteristics of your brand. Here are some of the key components that every brand advertising strategy should have to be successful and strong.

Target Audience

This will be the very first step in any of your marketing or your sales strategies as all the marketing, advertising and branding that you do will be in vain if you do not have the right audience identified to target. In order for you to find the preferences of your customers, social media would be the best way forward and you should also focus on finding out when and why your customers make their purchasing decisions. This will be really important to help you polish up your strategy. Any good brand development agency will tell you that you should avoid trying to please everybody. It is not only impossible, but it will also create the impression among your customers that you do not appreciate them or understand what they want.


The interaction that you have with your customers has to be consistent. This means that the visual aesthetics, the tone of the brand and the message that you give out should always be recognizable easily and should be in perfect alignment. This consistency should be crucial for establishing trust and loyalty because your audience needs to know and remember your name in order for them to identify with it. According to the University of Loyola, colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. The clarity of your message is also important and this means that every image and ad that you post should reflect the core values that you have. All the messages should be conveyed in that distinguished voice of your brand.


Many of the brands today make their identity by establishing the service or the product that they provide as a must have. How do they do this? Through emotional branding and sometimes even through creating almost a cult-like following. For example, each time that Apple releases a new product, customers will stand in line for even two days if it means that they can buy this new product. Because having an iPhone does not mean that you own a smartphone. It means that you are almost like a member of an exclusive club and that emotional significance is massive. In terms of psychology, this branding has catered to fulfilling the belonging needs of the people, making them feel special and connected to fellow iPhone users.

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