In order to provide a good service to the customers or the guests who will be staying at your hotel, their guest room has to accommodate all their needs. There are certain items that are essential or are must-haves in a guest room. These items will help your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience in the hotel. Take a look at the items listed below so that you will not miss out anything.

Towels and Blankets

Extra towels and blankets are a must-have in each guest room. A towel is a trivial thing that many tourists forget to pack. Place at least two towels in one room. Additional blankets need to be there in order to make the guests feel warm and cosy even in the coldest weather. Many of the good hotel bedding suppliers Australia will be able to provide you with good sheets and blankets for your guest rooms.


Basic toiletries are another thing that needs to be provided for the guests. This mainly includes shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, soap, lotion, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Store these items either in the room or inside the bathroom for the guests to use. While there is a chance that some guests will bring their own toiletries, this gesture will show them that you are concerned about their needs as your customers.

Phone Answering

Many hotels have the policy of answering on the third ring but not everyone follows this policy. Often the customers are made to talk to an agent who does not provide them with all the necessary details. However, if you want to make your guests think that you are ready to provide them with the best service, you need to make sure that there is an attentive call answering service. Make sure those who are assigned to answer the calls know adequate information about your services.

Access to Good Food

Make sure you provide the guests an access to at least breakfast. Availability of a food and beverage outlet is not only improving the guests’ experiences during their time of stay but it will also be another thing that will add to the quality of the place. Make sure your kitchen staff is well trained. Maintain a hygienic environment around the kitchen as well as the dining area. Have strict policies relating to the safety of the food and the hygiene of the place.


You should be able to make their guests feel at home. Therefore, a good security system is essential to make them feel safe. You can get the help of modern technology and install a security system in the hotel. Hire professional and experienced security guards. Be especially attentive about the safety and security of women, children and elderly people. Adequate security can make the guests feel at ease and relaxed and enjoy their vacation without worries.

No matter how many new trends and innovations that comes with time, the above essentials are the basic items/services that have to be seen in every hotel in order to make sure their guests get the best experience.

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