If you work in the field of import and export or if you are planning to ship some goods, a top concern that you should have is the packaging. It is crucial that the right packaging is chosen to guarantee that the goods that you ship are safe and sound.

There are different types of packaging available for different types of goods, thus, the choice that you have to when choosing what is best for you can be tough. Here are the most important things that you should know when choosing the right shipping crate from safe pack to create high levels of safety and the best experience in shipping goods:

The style

Even though one might view shipping cartons to be regular boxes, there is much more to that. There are different styles that come with specific features to them.  If you are working with flat and narrow products that doesn’t fit in any boo, what you are looking for is an EFM, aka Easy Fold Mailers, if you are working on multiple items, simple choosing corrugated materials, if you are looking to create the ideal unboxing experience to the receiver, there is nothing better than FLMs, Front Lock Mailers.

If you are making a standard shipping and if you are not expecting to have anything special, you can easily stick to RSCs which are known as the standard corrugated box as well.

The size of the products

The shipping crates that you should get should be the perfect size. Therefore, taking the measurements easily and deciding on the size that you want it from is a serious thing to do. You should not only focus on taking one measuring if you are looking for the perfect fit. The inside dimensions which are the usable space of the crate and the outside dimensions should be taken to considerations.

When you are careful about the size, it will be easier for you to get the best shipping cost and also find the ideal size for your product.

What is your product?

Certain features of the product that you are working with also matters. For example, if your product is fragile, you should choose a packaging that will support fragile materials.

That is not all, for different types of goods, there are different types of crates that you can choose from. For example, the crates that one will be using for food products will be using will be different from the crates which are used for clothing items.

Don’t go for a wasteful option

There will be space that will be left out when you are done with the packaging. It is ideal that you fill up these spaces with bubble wrap or any other protective material to make sure that all of your products are secure and well placed for the shipment.

Furthermore, getting the right size for your crates will also prevent a lot of wastage that happens to the shipment.

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