Solar energy provides a large amount of energy and solar panels utilize this energy to provide energy. They can be used to generate electricity at home or business.

How do solar panels work?

Sun releases energy in tiny packets called photons. Solar panels are made with solar cells that generate electricity using the photons by the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic effect is when the light is absorbed the electron is excited to a higher energy state this transition creates an electric potential. the conductors are connected to positive and negative sides of the solar cell this creates an electrical circuit. There are many cells that make solar panels. So, the more panels put the more electricity that can be generated.

Advantages Of Solar Energy

It is a renewable energy resource

Sunlight is abundant and is a renewable energy resource. It is an energy source that is available all around the world and it is not possible to run out of this energy source.

Reduce electricity bill

Installing Alice springs solar panels will have a beneficial effect on the electricity bill. Solar panels use solar energy this will lead to a reduction of electricity bills. How much you save will depend on the size of the solar panel size and how much electricity or heat you use.

Not only is the electricity will be saved, the excess energy that you don’t use and that which is sent back to the grid you would be receiving payments for it.

Can be used for various purposes

One of the main uses of solar energy is to generate electricity, other uses are to provide electricity in remote areas, those areas that don’t have a link to the nation’s electricity grid can benefit from solar panels. Hot water solar panels are used to heat water, for charging battery, solar electric system is used with a back battery, this way during the day batteries is charged using solar energy.

Low maintenance cost

Solar panels are not very difficult to maintain. You just need to keep them relatively clean which can be achieved by cleaning them couple of times a year. If it is a difficult task, you can have specialized cleaning company to clean this. There is no wear and tear only the inverter needs to be changed every 5- 10 year and also the cables need a little maintenance and usually most solar panels comes with a warranty of 20-25 years.

Disadvantages Of Using Solar Panels


This is one of the main concerns of installing solar panels. The fixing of solar panels can be quite costly. The cost includes the amount for solar panels, inverter, battery, wiring and installation

Weather dependent

Solar panels depend on sunlight, the efficiency of the solar panel varies with the availability of sunlight. During the cloudy and rainy days, the efficiency of solar panels drops and during the night solar energy cannot be collected.

Uses a large space

If you want more electricity you need to install more solar panels, and sometimes the roof may not be big enough to accommodate it.

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