Starting a business online is no longer a novelty. There are many such establishments out there and many of them stay on to become some of the most inspiring success stories while others give us examples of what we should not do. One of the most important aspects of running a business online is having the correct team by your side who will help you achieve your goals as a company. In order to hire the dream team, you need to know what areas need to be covered the most because let’s face it, you cannot afford to give out so many salaries just when you are starting your business. Here are some of the main roles that you would need to fill in for your start-up.


WebsiteDesign and Server Support

The first roles that you will need to think about are for website designing and development along with server support for your digital media. Both these are roles can be outsourced and thereby will help you take a more flexible and cost-effective approach. For the website design and development, hire somebody or a company that has excellent track records of giving the client what they are looking for in a professional manner. You can do some research and ask for input from your friends and colleagues about people that they can recommend for this end. You can also check for hosting services and have a few shortlisted so that you can meet up with them in person and figure out what will work the best for you.

Creative and Content

You will also need to hire some talent for the creative and content writing roles that you need. These are very important roles because unlike in the case of a physical business, your customers will only have online information to go by. That needs to create a lasting impression. Therefore try and hire them not just for their creative capacity but also upon how tech savvy they are. For example if your creative writer would also have some insight intopremium wordpress hosting aspects, they would find it easier to work with the server support groups handling operations for you. Things would just become more efficient this way. Have a look at the candidate’s portfolios and have a thorough interviewing process.


Marketing and Business Development

One of the other very significant roles that you will need to hire for is the marketing and business development positions. They will have to guide and work together with the creative team in order to conceptualize and execute campaigns that will act as the main marketing mediums for your business. Once again bear in mind that your entire business operates online so if there is ever a time to just shine, this is it. Look at the portfolios of the shortlisted candidates and try to hire people who know online marketing that goes beyond the boundaries of the traditional marketing methods. That is what you will need the most.

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