Australia has been experiencing rapid economic development and growth has opened countless opportunities for Australians and people living outside. One of which is the job opportunities for skilled job seekers.

So, being aware of this reality prepared you mentally to work in Australia. Maybe for a few years or with a plan of settling there. However, unless you are a resident or have Australian Citizenship, you cannot just enter Australia- looking for a job opening.

Perhaps, to work in the Aussies, you will need a work visa that permits you inside Australia. The most common type is the Employer-Sponsored Visa.

Yes, don’t worry! Keep reading below to have a better understanding.

What is an Australian Employer Sponsored Visa?

It is a type of Visa, which allows Australian employers to sponsor jobseekers outside the country to come to Australia and work for them. The employers choose the highly-skilled employee from the pool of workers to fill the current vacancy they have.

However, both the employee and the employer showing interest towards each other must meet certain criteria for this type of Visa. If the conditions are met, then only the employer can issue the sponsorship. Therefore, the employee must abide by the rules and restrictions to have a green signal.

Is the visa option right for you?

It is mandatory to assess the whole situation and process it before finalizing it. Yes, you may be eligible and the ideal candidate for the sponsored Visa, but with a range of visa options available, you must have a fair understanding. 

There can be a possibility that other visa types suit you best. However, there are temporary and permanent visa options in this- sponsorship visa too.

What is the difference between the temporary Visa, and the permanent?

You can temporarily work in Australia if you receive the following visa types:

Employer sponsored visa subclass 482: It is for an immediate fill up for a temporary skill shortage

Short Stay Specialist Visa subclass: This visa is permitted for a temporary work stay

Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 400

Training Visa subclass 407

However, if you intend to stay in the Aussies permanently, then you should receive either one of these visas.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa subclass 186

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa subclass 494

Now you have understood the different types of Visa. As mentioned above, the applicant should meet specific requirements to receive the employer-sponsored visa. 

What is the eligibility requirement to obtain an Australian Employer Sponsored Work Visa?

If it was open to all, no one would have made it. Below mentioned are the criteria an applicant should meet.

  • For a permanent visa application, the applicant should be below the age of 45.
  • For a few visa types; the applicant is required to provide an assessment of their skills.
  • As English is the main language in Australia, you must have the required language proficiency. One can take the IELTS or OET tests to determine fluency.
  • The applicants should pass the health test.

These are the basic requirements. One can apply from the location they currently reside in. 

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