Now when it comes to your child’s options for education, there’s a myriad of choices to look into; there’s homeschooling, private schools, public schools, boarding school, mixed schools, secular schools segregated by gender, by faith or by education style. Generally, though when considering schools, they fall into two major categories, mixed schools and single-sex.

Mixed schools are also considered coed schools where both female and male children study jointly, whereas single sex schools only accept either all boys or all girls into their curricula. These are also referred to as exclusive schools.

There’s definitely a plethora of benefits as well as drawbacks when it comes to either of these choices, whether it be coed private schools Brisbane that you’re sending your child to, or a single-sex school.

Coed schooling? Why not!

  1. Equality, not segregation!

You know, growing up in an all-girl household, when you’re not very exposed to the opposite gender, it can take a toll on you if you also end up in all-girls school and are suddenly thrown into society headfirst and expected to know how to carry yourself around the opposite gender because as a child you were never exposed and so your hormones and emotions and all that jazz can easily get mistaken for things they shouldn’t. Coed schools treat all students equally with no bias towards their gender, and so when assignments and such come around, there’s no preferential treatment and everyone is evaluated on the same line of performance without any bias towards gender.

  • The more the merrier!

See the nicer parts of offering your child an education in a mixed school is the diversity that they’ll be subjected to. If our children are offered diversity at a young age, this would make it easier for them to adapt to versatility in environments when older. This helps them adapt to syncing with differences of various nature, like cultural and social, etc.

  • Fights sexism head on.

A diverse school environment gives children in it a surrounding that encourages both genders an equally important chance to express themselves with the resources available, and share their views in a way which will teach both genders about equality revolving around gender. This helps children explore each other’s views and opinions with differences helping them to learn how to agree to disagree.

  • Communication skills are honed.

Encouraging children to mix and mingle among opposing genders creates an environment where both sexes learn to communicate effectively amongst each other. Since there are underlying differences in ways of communication among genders, giving your child into a coed experience could fundamentally improve their versatility in communication skills as a whole too.

  • Encourages socialization.

As I mentioned earlier as well, growing up in an exclusive single-sex school can take a toll on you when it comes to your social skills. Now I don’t mean you’re going to come out of a single-sex school not knowing how to function; no sirree, but when you’re used to only associating one gender for a longer period of time, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to suddenly having to function in a setting with both genders due to the differences in communication and behavioral methods among the genders etc. The familiarity of learning to engage between both genders from a younger age would help your children learn to co-exist and prepare them for the outside world as they grow.

There’s both good and bad of course when it comes to coed schools. So be mindful of the environment and setting you think would best suit your child in growing up!

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