All parts of your vehicle have a lot to do with its overall functionality. One of such system that would not only decide on the functionality of the vehicle but also what the vehicle looks like is the suspension setup. Having the suspension setup of your vehicle adjusted in the right manner would help you in creating better handling of the vehicle, comfort and also let you set better lap times as well.

An important part of the suspension system of the vehicle is the coil-over shock absorbers suspension.When you are looking for the right coil-over shock absorber, you will come across different options. It is important that you choose the right coil-over shock absorber that is suitable for your car. The most suitable coil-over shock absorber for your vehicle will be known as the true coilovers as they are suited for the manufacturing uniqueness of your vehicle. Therefore, when doing a bit of research on what type of coil-over shock absorber is suitable for your vehicle is a must. Here is what you should know about choosing the true coil-over shock absorber for your vehicle:

The right coil-over shock absorber

The right coil-over shock absorber for your vehicle deepens on your vehicle. Therefore, it is important that you consider the set up of your car when you are deciding on which coil-over shock absorber is best for your vehicle. If you are using your vehicle in the race track, there is nothing better than getting a stiff coil-over shock absorber that could be adjusted to suit the needs.

However, if you are looking to build your car for a better stance and if the vehicle will not be used in the track, it is always best that you choose a coil-over shock absorber that is not stiff and has a great range for adjustability.

Usually, the higher the price of the coil-over shock absorber that you are getting, you will get more adjustability that would help you get the best timing for your laps. However, if you are not looking for better timing at your laps, it is not necessary.

The springs and the shocks

A coil-over shock absorber is made out of different components. Therefore, it is absolute essential that you take a look at these components when deciding which coil-over shock absorber is right for you. The shock and the spring must work together to create the best performance of the suspension.

The spring of the coil-over shock absorber keep the chassis from becoming too low and will control the tires when heading over bumps. The springs also play a role in lowering the body roll and the tendency to squat when under acceleration. Having chosen the right striping for the cutover would also lower the chances of your vehicles face coming into contact with the road when braking.  Take a look at the spring rates to identify the weight required.

The shock control distributes the energy created in the springs to heat energy. This would help in cooking down the system to keep it running smoothly.

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