How often must you wash your underwear? How often must you buy new underwear? You might think that these questions are purely common sense but you would be surprised that not all know or adheres to them. So, knowing the answers to these basic underwear questions would make it easier for you to comply since already you know the consequences if you did not follow them.

How Often Must You Wash Your Underwear?

You should not wear your underwear longer than a full day and if you sweat through it or started to feel icky, you should change it. We have heard it in movies and TV about wearing underwear “side a” and “side b” when there is no clean underwear available.

Of course, this is not life threatening but it could lead to some health issues especially if wearing dirty underwear became a regular thing. When you wash your dirty underwear, make sure that you use the hot water setting and you wash it with detergent to make sure that it is thoroughly clean and any bacteria living in it are killed. Make sure that you air dry them too after washing.

How Often Must You Buy New Underwear?

Not everyone thinks it is a necessity to buy new underwear. As long as the underwear are still wearable you would not want to toss them out. But the truth is, you should change your underwear within 6-12 months of purchasing them even if they are still wearable especially if you are using the same pair every week, no matter if you are washing them after every use.

The underwear that you wear when you do sports or other physical activities must be changed more frequently though since these pieces of underwear have been through rigorous wear and tear and have a higher chance of gathering more bacteria. If you feel like buying underwear every six months is a bit tedious, fret not for you could buy mens underwear online, without having the need to leave the comfort of your home.

What Are the Signs It’s Now Time to Toss Out Your Old Underwear?

The first tell-tale sign that you need to chuck out your old underwear is if the garter in the waistband is already loose. Holes are also signing that your underwear has seen better days. And of course, if there are stains that could not be washed off, you better dispose of the underwear as well. Underwear that are not comfortable to wear anymore and are causing you to itch and or develop skin allergies, toss them out too.

How Many Pairs Should You Have?

There is not a strict number that all men must follow since not all have the same lifestyle and or the money to spend on numerous underwear. If you could only afford to buy enough for your day to day use, make sure that you wash them after every use and that you strictly buy new ones after 6-12 months.

If you still think that you don’t have the time nor the energy to be bothered with something as trivial as buying underwear, why not buy in bulk or let your partner remind you when it’s time to buy new ones or better yet, let them buy you a pair or two.

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